5 quick and easy tips for your next friends’ gathering


Hello lovely Readers

With this entry I want to show you some very easy and fast but still lovely ideas on how to give your next friends’ gathering that extra spark. Most of the time when I invite friends over it’s a spontaneous thing. I do like planning in advance but I’m also a very emotional and impulsive person. Sometimes when I think about someone I would take my phone and invite that person for the very same evening. And I never know what to cook or how to decorate the table with like nothing at home haha. That’s why I wanted to make this entry because I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but every time I go on the internet to google some cool decoration ideas so many amazing results show up but at the same time most of them take so much effort, money and time. So that’s why all of the following tips take only about 5 minutes to make. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy this entry and may your next friends’ gathering will be a full success!

Tip 1 – Name tags

Although not very often used for a simple gathering of friends, name tags are a very easy way to step up your decoration game. Especially the follwing ones, you only need a few leaves and a silver (or golden) pencil and voilà, the table looks much better!


Tip 2 – Appetizers

One of my favourite appetizers is smoked salmon on a cucumber slice topped with horseradish mousse. It’s quick and delicious. For our vegetarian friends I would recommend the classical tomato and mozarella sticks with basil. I know this doesn’t sound special but keep in mind we don’t have much time and this appetizer doesn’t just look good it’s also very tasty.



Tip 3 – Customized ice cubes

I know by now you’ve probably all heard about this amazing way to freeze your water (seriously who invinted this? haha) And even though everyone knows how to buy some fruit and stuff it into the ice cube tray not many people actually do it. But it takes only about 5 minutes and the outcome is fresh, colorful and chic!





Tip 4 – Candlestick decoration

For this simple but yet beautiful decoration you only need some candles, wine glasses and flowers. I always love making this decoration because it’s so unexpected and I get lots of compliments for it.



Tip 5 – (Almost) homemade ice cream with chocolate and coconut flakes on top

I think the title almost gives it away completely haha but the idea is basically that if you don’t have time to make your own gelato just take some yogurt (from the store) and freeze it (overnight). Now the ice cream would already be delicious but if you have some extra time you can melt chocolate and put it on top of the ice cream. It actually works pretty good and you have enough time until it melts to put even the coconut flakes on top. You might want to work on your technique though because mine didn’t turnout perfect. But then again this is not a food blog 😉 Either way I’m sure your friends will love it!






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