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Hello lovely Readers

If you’ve read the about me section you know by now, that I’ve recently spent 2.5 months in the city of angels and that I absolutely fell in love with it. So that’s why when thinking about this entry it seemed pretty logic to me to write something about this magical city.

First you have to know that Los Angeles is a very big city (surprise) so it’s most practical to go around with a car. Although everybody says that the traffic is insane that’s not my experience. Maybe you need a little bit more time for a short distance but the traffic is always moving. You’re not stuck at the same point for like half an hour. And in the meantime look out the window, listen to music, talk to your friends in the car etc. After all, that is the only time you’re probably not constantly on your phone (at least I hope so).

But you don’t necessarily need to rent a car, you can also use Uber. I’m sure by now everyone knows Uber. I’m still a bit bummed about that I wasn’t the one who invented that amazing App. So that’s what I used most to go around. It’s practical because you don’t need to worry about things like gas, find a parking space and pay for parking. Plus if you use Uber Pool (where you share your ride with 1 or 2 other people) you get to know so many interesting people – and it’s cheaper too. That’s also an amazing thing about Los Angeles, everyone is super open and nice and social (at least in my experience). In Switzerland people don’t really talk to strangers on the street but in LA people would come up to me and tell me that my dress is cute and ask where I got it from etc. Coming back to the transportation theme I used the bus a few times which was also decent. But keep in mind that sometimes you see 3 buses coming by in like 2 minutes apart and then nothing for half an hour or hour. There had been days where I tried taking the bus but after like 20 minutes wait I called Uber. Personally I’ve never tried the metro so I can’t really tell you something about that.

The weather is pretty sunny in Los Angeles (sometimes cloudy but still warm), as I’m sure you already know. But I would still recommend taking 2 or 3 sweaters with you just in case. And as the weather can be crazy sometimes I always check the weather at my destination a few days earlier (so that I can start packing) and like one day before. And if you’re missing something don’t worry, Los Angeles has countless shopping options.

As for the Hotels or Air b n b etc. you absolutely have to know in which area you want to stay in LA. I would say the most popular areas for LA are: Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood (which is totally different from the Walk of fame- Hollywood) and Downtown. Here it depends what you’re looking for and I recommend googling that too. Browse through a few pictures of these locations so that you can figure out where you like it the most. I stayed in Brentwood which is located between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and I loved it. So that’s why I would always choose Santa Monica, Brentwood or Westwood.

Here are a few things to do in Los Angeles. I did all of them and I can tell you I really enjoyed every single one of them (let me know if you have any questions and I hope you like these pictures):

Shopping on 3 rd Street Santa Monica


Santa Monica


Walking on the Hollywood walk of fame (and maybe doing a celebrity tour)


Strolling through Beverly Hills and the rodeo drive

Beverly Hills


Shop at the Grove and farmers market near by




Visiting Abbot Kinney Boulevard (especially at first fridays where there are foodtrucks everywhere)



Eat at Nobu in Malibu (where you’ll spot many celebrities)


In case you’ll need a spontaneous haircut go to the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, they’re the best!


Watch a movie at one of the countless Openair Cinemas


Visit the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park


Visit the Getty Center and the Getty Villa (not located near each other) and take in the breathtaking view at the Getty Center




Visit the Greystone Mansion (you can’t go inside though)


Drive by Carroll Avenue and visit some of the most famous houses in Movie and TV history


Spend a day at the Universal Studios and Disney Land



Walk the beach in Venice Beach and shop for some Souvenirs



Spend the day in Santa Barbara if you have some extra time



Visit the Fairfax and Melrose Flea Market on Sunday




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