Salad Sunday part 1/3


Hello lovely Readers

Summer finally returned to Switzerland (and so is my appetite for fresh, colorful and tasty salads) I thought I could share with you three of my favorite summer salads!

The one I want to show you today is called watermelon-cucumber salad. These two ingredients are just perfect for hot summer days as both contain lots of water and are therefore very refreshing and nurturing (seriously just google the benefits of watermelon and cucumber you’d be surprised!) 😉

For this salad you need:

-1 slice of watermelon
-1 cucumber
-1 onion
-some lettuce
-some feta cheese
-some cress
-some mint leaves

Now you just mix all ingredients with some olive oil, white vinegar and some lemon juice and you spice it up with whatever you want (we always put some salt and pepper on it).

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the salad! Next Sunday I’m going to show you my favorite couscous salad!





Have a great Sunday!! 🙂


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  1. Mmmmm…super Idee! Habs gleich ausprobiert und es schmeckt klasse 👌🏼 danke ❤️

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