Baby blue


Hello lovely readers

If there is one color I absolutely love with tanned skin it’s blue (probably! Or coral red or white or.. well I guess I haven’t quite decided just now haha)! But why should I, so many colors, so little time! I’m profoundly in love with pastel colors this summer, they’re just so elegant especially paired with some rose gold jewels (can you guess by the name of my blog that I adore rose gold jewels? haha) If you didn’t already notice I have my favorite pieces I’ve been sporting in my 3 blogposts about fashion – so far (already 3 fashion posts? woow this thing is gettin goin haha) 😉 These jewels mean a lot to me that’s why I don’t feel the need to pair every outfit with other jewels, even if that would provide more diversity in my fashion posts (guess we can’t have everything can we?)

I feel like the year 2016 is such a diverse year in terms of fashion. You can wear your Calvin Klein bra as a top, your leggings as trousers, a chocker (welcome back!) a jeanslook from head to toe (hi again!), wide dresses like mine or my absolute dream dress from Chloé that will probably stay on my wish list forever and ever haha etc. (I’m talking about this one:

Anyway I paired my dress with my baby blue Zac Posen bag I got from (perfect with the gold details) and some lovely fresh flowers. Because as Christian Dior already said “after women flowers are the most divine creations” and I couldn’t agree more!














Pictures by my lovely friend Laura <3


Dress: Zara
Shoes: Bershka (old)
Bag: Zac Posen (via Shopbop)
Watch: Fossil
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo and Michael Kors
Ring: Coach
Earrings: from a jeweller in Greece
Necklace: from a jeweller in Greece


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  1. Hi there! I love white and corals on tanned skin but to be honest, my skin rarely deserves to be called “tanned”, let’s just say I love white and corals in summer then 😉

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