Salad Sunday Part 2/3


Hello lovely Readers

As promised today comes the second salad of my Salad Sunday series! My mum’s famous (ok I invented this part haha) Couscous salad! This one is very simple and soo delicious!

You need:

-2 tea cups of water
-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-1 teaspoon of salt

Boil these ingredients up. Then take the pan away from the stove and add:

-1 tea cup of couscous

(slowly while stirring it up). Afterwards let it macerate for 5 minutes. Meanwhile cut:

-1 half cucumber
-some tomatoes
-some mint leaves

in tiny pieces and cook:

-ca. 300 grams of chicken (grams as in European standard but you can google how much that is in ounces).

Afterwards mix all ingredients (couscous, cucumber, tomatoes, mint leaves and chicken) and add the juice of two limes. If you want you can spice it up but we usually don’t because we already put salt in it.

Okay so that is it already! Let me know if you liked it or have any questions and happy cooking! 😉





Have a lovely Sunday everyone <3




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