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Summer in the City


Hello lovely readers

Summer is a funny thing. In some countries its summer the whole year and others barely have one. Living in Switzerland we’re more likely in the last group. Last year has been surprisingly hot and this year it’s been raining a lot (good thing I was in LA till July).

These pictures were shot on Sunday where we had like 30 degrees Celsius yaay 😉 Now I know what you’re thinking: why wasn’t she tanning somewhere at the pool? Well first, I don’t have a pool and second I have to fill my newborn blog with some content which is not that easy considering I have a full time job. But I won’t complain, this is my hobby and so far I’m having a blast! So instead of working on my tan which has been fading away (inevitably in Switzerland) I went out with my friend Mahsa who did a great job taking these pictures.

Now I wish you all a lovely Friday (1 more day till the weekend!!) and don’t forget to stop by on Sunday for the last Summer Salad Part 3/3 🙂



Pictures by my lovely friend Mahsa <3

I was wearing:

-Blouse: H&M
-Jeans shorts: Pacsun
-Hat: Only
-Shoes: from a store in Greece
-Bag: from a store in Italy


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