Salad Sunday Part 3/3


Hello lovely readers

As promised today I share with you my last summer salad receipt. *Drum-roll* It’s a caramelized-apricot & feta salad! 😀

There’s not much to say about it except I just love how the caramelized apricots taste together with the feta cheese. It’s a match made in heaven haha! And the cherry on top is of course the arugula (seriously don’t do it without arugula) and the blueberries. Like the other two of my receipts this one is also fast, delicious and looks damn pretty! Let me know if you have any questions and here’s what you need:

-10-15 Apricots *
-1 Feta
-Some blueberries
-1 Package of arugula
-1 Package of lettuce

And for the dressing we used:

-Olive oil
-White vinegar

* Caramelizing the apricots: First you quarter the apricots and then you roast them gently in a pan with some butter. Then you add some sugar and let them roast until they look like the ones on the picture (which happens very fast so you should not walk away).









I hope you like it and have a lovely Sunday <3



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