Picture perfect girlsnight


Hello lovely readers

I know I’ve been absent a little while and I also know that that’s probably not the best thing a new blogger can do but as the “about me” section says, I have a full time job and also a life haha! Although I do feel the pressure to post something to keep my followers entertained etc. But we all experience pressure every day. Could be from our job or our friends and family or whatever but I don’t want this blog to feel like pressure. Like I need to update 3 times a week or else I’ll lose followers. So what I’m basically saying is that, I love blogging so far but I’m not going to make that my top priority. I want this to be a positive experience and hope you understand that.

So with that said I want to show you some pictures from a girls night at my place with my two friends Laura and Sarah. Laura was taking the pictures that’s why you don’t see her as much. We watched a DVD, can you guess which one? Okay it was “How to be single” of course. Such an amazing movie, I just love Dakota Johnsons haircut and style in it. And I’ve been obsessing over the song at the end “love myself” by Hailee Steinfeld!

We also did a facemask (obv!) in case you were wondering its lowfat quark and a few drops of peppermint oil (careful with that though otherwise it burns too much). Well it burns a little anyway but it’s a good burn really refreshing and invigorating. Important if you want to try this mask: you have to spare the eyes pretty heavy (cause we’re still talking about peppermint obviously).  As you can see we made some popcorn and also a sweet treat: banana with chocolate and hazelnut on top. I’m still smiling thinking about the evening and how lucky I am to have such amazing friends. Talk to you soon <3










Please note that I’m not taking any responsibility of possible intolerance or other damages caused by the face mask. The usage is at your own risk. Hope you’ll enjoy! 

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