Summer smoothies


Hello lovely readers

Okay I have to admit I wanted to post some of my favorite smoothie recipes sooner but as I already said time goes by so fast and I just couldn’t find the time. So if you’re a firm believer – like me – that summer is not over yet (nobody needs autumn right? You just jump to winter right away in November haha) this post comes in handy. And if you do need autumn then I guess you could consider this post as a “vitamin boost before winter”. 😉

I wanted to share with you 3 smoothies I really like and proudly named *drum-roll* “Vitamin booster”, “Cinnamon relax” and “Lavender dream”.

You can see all the ingredients on the pictures 🙂

Vitamin booster
(Kiwis, limes & pomegranate) -this one is really sour!


Cinnamon relax
(Milk, cinnamon & dry plums)


Lavender dream
(1 Banana, chia seeds, blueberries, lavender & ground hazelnuts)



So I hope you’ll enjoy these smoothies as much as I did and wish you a lovely week <3







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