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Hello lovely readers

I guess you could call this blogpost “a little brunch-guide for Zürich” (although that would include the listing of many places to get brunch) so let’s just be honest and say I forgot to show you these pictures. As you can see they were taken some time during this summer. The place we went to that day is a cute little popular café called “Kafischnaps” -> (and no unfortunately they’re not paying me for the publicity haha) If we take a look at the food for a moment I think I had their “Wipkinger Ofeneier” (translation: Wipkinger oven eggs) and a smoked salmon plate (yes I can eat all that and more muhaha) and my beautiful friend Daniela had some sort of mixed brunch plate. And let’s not forget the Chai Latte and Coffee. Two of my other best friends Nadja and Luzia came too but sadly they’re not on the pics!

My outfit was pretty black but who says one can’t wear black in summer! I love these pants and would totally wear this outfit to work – with a blazer and appropriate shoes. (Spoiler alert: I’ll soon be sharing a blogpost about one of my favorite daily work outfits so stay tuned! 😉 )

And just so you know I’m planning on doing a brunch or food guide for Zürich! Gosh I have so many ideas for the blog and so little time.. angers me a little but whatever 🙂

As always wish you a lovely evening and talk to you soon <3









Pictures by my lovely friend Nadja <3


-Pants: H&M
-Shirt: H&M
-Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
-Shoes: some shop in the U.S.
-Sunglasses: Rayban

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