What I wear to work


Hello lovely readers

Since some of you have asked me what I wear on a typical work day I decided to go out during lunchtime and shoot some pictures. Sadly the weather wasn’t perfect but rainy days happen too! 😉

So obviously my office is very formal but I guess with this outfit you can’t go wrong. It’s appropriate for all sorts of meetings or appointments or what so ever. As you already know I adore blazers! In all their shapes and colors! And I especially love this one I got from Zara a few weeks ago. The shape is just amazing and fits everyone. I have the bag already a few years now (gosh I should really buy new accessories!) but it’s not easy for me to find a bag that I really like -exept from the obvious brands like Céline, Balenciaga, Bvlgari etc.- of course.

Let’s talk about the shoes shall we? So I know you might think that they’re nothing special but I can tell you these shoes are so comfortable! Let me tell you a secret; these are Stewardess shoes! I got them at the Zürich Airport! Seems logic doesn’t it? A Stewardess has to stand the whole time but needs to look presentable, preferable in High Heels. It’s a man’s world huh? Haha 😉  So After a day full of meetings (and no I don’t sit the whole time) I am so grateful for them. I guess this is my tip for you, if you’re looking for comfy heels just go to your local Airport!

So with that said I wish you a lovely day and don’t forget to participate in the contest to win one of three CD’s from the Swiss band Karavann here! <3













Pictures and editing by the one and only Sina Lou (slr pictures) <3

I was wearing:

-Blazer: Zara
-Shirt: Tally Weijl
-Pants: Zara
-Bag: Mango
-Shoes: Vögele
-Jewels: as always!



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