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Autumn Magic


Hello lovey readers

Autumn is here! Well at least in Switzerland, it’s freakin freezing here! My friend Nadja and I went to the woods last weekend and I thought I could share some pictures of that. My outfit is kept very simple and comfortable it’s really just a weekend thing I guess. You just put on some tights, a skirt and a sweater and you’re good to go! It was very invigorating breathing that cold, fresh air and just walking and chatting with a very good friend. Getting some distance from the city and the busy work-life. That’s what weekends are for!

You know me, I just love summer and for me summer could last the whole year! But even I can’t deny those amazing autumn colors! And after all Halloween, Pumpkinsoup, hot Starbucks Chai Latte’s and wearing boots again isn’t so bad after all! 😉 And you know speaking of boots, I’m trying to find some cool over knees boots but so far I haven’t been lucky. Maybe you have some recommendations?

So I hope you enjoy these pictures taken by Nadja and ps: I know I look a little sleepy on the third last picture but I work the whole week so I guess that’s normal! I can tell you the amount I slept on this weekend resembles a Sloths. But I guess I needed it, it’s probably my body’s way of transitioning into winter. If only we could hibernate, wouldn’t that be amazing? But I still managed to watch the movie Eddie the Eagle with Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, have you seen it? I’m not a fan of winter sports (yes that’s possible while living in Switzerland haha) but that movie made me cheer so much I think I became a fan! But really, it’s just genuine and sweet so if you haven’t watched it, you have to!

Wish you a lovely Sunday <3

Pictures and editing by my lovely friend Nadja

I was wearing:

-Coat: from a store in Milan
-Sweater: Vero Moda
-Skirt: Asos
-Bag: Chanel
-Shoes: from my mom
-Hat: is older, can’t remember where I got it from
-Scarf: My friend’s mom made it!

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