New year new me?


Hello lovely Readers

I know I haven’t talked to you in a while but what can I say.. life just came in the way.

I am deeply sorry for it because I started this blog when I was so inspired and so full of passion and really wanted something where I can led out my ideas and creativity and just create a positive space for me and maybe some people who are crazy enough to take the time, look at the pictures and read my thoughts. Now this person seems like a complete stranger to me. Over the last two months I had some family issuses wich I needet to take care of and now that most of it is over it just feels.. empty I guess. Like when you ask yourself where do I go from now? Do I still want the same things? I don’t know the answer to these questions yet but I know that personally I’ve grown up a whole lot in these two months.

And I’m sorry that I couldn’t do both, take the time for myself, deal with this crisis but still manage to update this blog. To me it feels like a little bit of a failure to start a blog and then just push the pause button for like two months. But I guess I’m just not one of these people. You know these kinds of people that just can do everything. That have so much stuff going on but still manage to handle everything else and with a simplicity that is astounding. Or at least it seems like it because they make it seem so easy, like everything falls into their lap. I’m not like that. I’m used to fight for what I want and go after it, no excuses no stopping along the way. But this time the crisis became so big that I couldn’t find the strenght do be this person anymore.

One of the things I learned in this two months though is that you should just allow yourself to feel what you feel in one particular moment. No pressure no hiding your feelings, at least not from yourself. If you’re sad even though you have no reason to then that’s okay. Or the other way around when you should be sad but you’re actually happy and you feel guilty for it, don’t be. I know for some this doesn’t make sense but others who were in this situation will understand. I have a song that is helping me very much theses days, it’s a German song and it’s called Hey. It’s from a very talented singer his name is Andreas Bourani. And I wanted to share this with you because maybe it could help somebody else too. So at some point it says: “Hey, sei nicht so hart zu dir selbst, es ist okay wenn du fällst. Auch wenn alles zerbricht, geht es weiter für dich.” Which in English means: “Hey don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s okay when you fall, even when everything breaks down, life goes on.”

So I guess that one of my many missions in this new year of 2017 is to either find my way back or get the strenghts to maybe change direction if I want to. Because everything is possible. But don’t worry guys I still want this blog very much and I’m already brainstorming for new ideas. Like what do I want to share with you? What is important to me? And what would intrest you?

Let’s start this year by sharing new pictures with you. Needles to say that they were taken ooot and aboot in Zürich with my lovely friend Sina Lou. As always hope you like them and thanks for taking the time to read this. <3


















Pictures and editing by my dear friend Sina Lou <3

I was wearing:

-Coat: Asos
-Dress: Revolve
-Sweater: Vero Moda
-Overknees: Ochsner Shoes
-Bag: Aigner (borrowed from mommy)
-Jewels: Michael Kors, Swarovski, Swatch, Coach & Pompidou (as usual)


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