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Hello lovely Readers

Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! The whole week has been warm (well for Swiss circumstances) and sunny! You could really see that the people were happier and more easy going.. that’s what the sun does to you! Maybe that’s why LA people seem more carefree. I mean I don’t know if they are but to me it seemed that way. They seemed so chill and nice and it was just good vibes I guess! Also I just loved waking up every day to good weather – everything is just better! The next week is supposed to be cloudy over here in Zürich but after that I hope we’re heading towards 30 degrees Celsius!!! Haha I wish!

Other than that there’s not really much going on over here. Friday I went to the Mary Poppins Musical in Zürich and it was fucking amazing! Such talented people, such energy! It has to be fantastic performing in front of an audience and getting so much clapping and standing ovations, I’m sure that gives you such a rush! I love musicals, so far I’ve seen Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia and finding Neverland. All 3 were terrific!

Then I got a new haircut which I’m sure you noticed already on the first picture. I got bangs and I know there supposed to be sort of on the entire forehead but I just like it better this way. Like a little open curtain haha 😉

What you also see on these pictures is my new bag from Ivyrevel. I’m sure some of you know that brand because it’s Kenza Zouiten’s brand. She’s Sweden’s (not to confuse with Switzerland, huuge difference) most famous Blogger if I’m not mistaken and I absolutely adore her. I think she’s got impeccable taste and she’s such a sweetheart. I met her in Milan some time ago so that was pretty epic. I needed  wanted a new black bag and I decided to get this one, also because I’ve never seen it on another blogger – until now probably (not calling myself a Trendsetter haha)

So I think that was it! I’m currently at my parents place and now I’m gonna go for a walk with my Mum! Wish you a lovely Sunday and take care! Lots of love <3

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Pictures and editing by the funny, smart and talented Sina Lou ❤

I was wearing:

-Coat: Asos
-Shirt: Zara
-Pants: Zara
-Shoes: Mango
-Bag: Ivy Revel
-Sunglasses: Rayban
-Jewels: Swarovski, Swatch, Coach & Pompidou (as usual) & new earrings from Thomas Sabo

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