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As promised in my last blogpost today is big news..!! *Drum-rolls* the new Moschino Pink Fresh Couture is here! As soon as I laid hands on that cute little bottle and smelled the fresh and floral fragrance I suddenly felt like summer is here. I obviously knew that I have to share this secret (well now not so much anymore haha) with you.

You may already know the design from its forerunner Moschino Fresh Couture but isn’t this pink bottle just so precious? Gives it a totally different vibe. Guys this is the next chapter of 100% Moschino, 100% fresh and now 100% pink! The fragrance smells like pink grapefruit, Cassis, Lily of the Valley, Pomegranate, Pink Jacinth, Wild rose, Cedar Wood, Ambrox & Musk. 🙂

Funny thing about Moschino is that I’m having a long and healthy relationship over the years with it (not so healthy for my credit card I guess). When I think about the brand the first thing that comes to my mind is the iconic Moschino belt. You know that one, black with the word Moschino all over it. Then there is the iconic design of our comic heroes on dresses, shirts, suits etc. not to mention the very funny and smart implementation of another brand that starts with M and that we all know just a little too well. This is what makes this brand so special, they think that the fashion business should not be so serious, that you can play with it and be ironic at times. Also their fashion should always be wearable. I couldn’t agree more. It makes me proud that yet another brilliant Italian brand leaves its mark on this earth every day.

So girls if you want to feel confident, fresh, flirty but yet chic you definitely have to get this perfume. It’s exactly this vibe I wanted to transmit through these pictures and I really hope you like them. Again one of my favourite shots for the blog so far, shot on my rooftop with Sina Lou and afterwards we had some bbq yaaay!!

Now I wish you a lovely time until I talk to you next and leave you with a famous quote from Jeremy Scott: “I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino”. <3





















I am wearing a dress from a store in Madrid. You can get the perfume at Manor or at Marionnaud (Switzerland).

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