Flower bomber jacket & my tv-series faves!


Hello lovely Readers

Well.. what’s new? How’s life going? It’s Sunday here and since I have the apartment to myself I thought I could spend it extra lazy and chill with lots of food, books and tv series! Gosh I love those Sundays! haha 😀 Do you know that feeling when you have so many cool things to do and don’t know where to start? I’m always like okay let’s watch one episode of Riverdale then read like 3 chapters of the current book and then again 2 episodes of 13 Reasons why, next let’s get some ice-cream etc. ! By now you probably now that I love to read books and watch tv series. Have I ever told you how many? (Just in case it is of interest to anyone haha probably not though) I’ll tell you anyway 😉 I recently started to watch Riverdale which is my new guilty pleasure even though I’ve never heard of the Archie comics before! And then of course 13 Reasons why because to me bullying is an important topic and really hope that maybe schools will show it to students so that they can see what being bullied does to people. Although it’s really heavy stuff! I mean I had some problems back in school too (who didn’t?) but it hits really close home and some things are hard to digest even for adults so.. we’ll see. But in case you’re not watching it yet, you absolutely have to. It’s a real masterpiece! Then there is Reign, which sadly, is about to end but I’m watching it since the beginning and I love it! It’s beautifully made and to me Adelaide Kane and Rachel Skarsten are born for their role as Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Not to mention they’re stunning women and definitely worth an insta-follow! 🙂 Then there is Jane the Virgin of course! Words can’t describe how much I adore this series! It’s the perfect combination between comedy, drama, romance, telenovela and series. And the writers must be geniuses because the way this series is written is so unique, special and honest and very very smart! Once you start watching it you’re not gonna be able to stop haha! Also Gina Rodriguez is an amazing actress and women! All about female-empowerment which is so inspiring. Let’s see what else.. The Originals but only since the vampire diaries ended because that was one of my faves! I have to admit that The Originals is also very good! But I’m new to that fandom so you’ll have to give me some time haha! And The Royals, the British series starring Liz Hurley. Absolutely worth watching too, it’s very funny! I think that’s all since Gossip girl, 90210, Witches of East End and Revenge have ended! Such a bummer when your favorite shows get cancelled! You never know what to do with your life from that moment or how to fill the hole they left! (apparently I’m very dramatic today) 😉

Enough talk about tv-series! I guess I got carried away a little haha! Today I would like to share with you an outfit I really love! I opted for an easy-breezy spring outfit. I got this cute flower bomber jacket a little while ago and I adore it! Obv because it’s blue but also because the flowers are really decent and chic so it’s not too much. I got it from a brand called F&F and it’s not really known around here so that gives me an advantage from other bloggers I guess? Well now not anymore maybe but whatever 🙂 Also I love my new shoes from Adidas by Stan Smith. They don’t only look good but are also super comfy! Guess that’s normal for sneakers though, or at least it should be! But you can combine them with every outfit which makes them my new favorites! And the bag is from Rebecca Minkoff but you already know that, it’s the one I got in New York last year. Good memories 🙂

I really like these pictures although I have to admit I already have some grey hair which I’m not sure you can see in the pictures.. but photoshop? Nah I’m too lazy haha enough is already fake nowadays so.. I mean who cares right? And did you know that I don’t like my smile? especially the one where you can see the teeth.. I think I look like a pumpkin! -.-

Okay enough said, I hope you like these pictures and talk to you soon! Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday, make the most of it! <3


















Pictures by my partner in crime Sina Lou Ravasio <3

I was wearing:

-Top: H&M
-Jeans: Don’t remember :S
-Jacket: F&F
-Shoes: Adidas by Stan Smith
-Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
-Sunglasses: Rayban
-Jewels: As always

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