Brief winter-comeback look

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Hello lovely Readers

Long time no see, I know. What to say? Winter came back for a brief moment 2 weeks ago and it actually snowed! Can you believe it? Snow, in May? I really hate the Switzerland climate.. Since the temperatures really dropped I thought I could shoot a pre-spring outfit before jumping in with all the cute summer outfits I want to show you! 😉 I mean sneakers, jeans, leather jacket, this is like my daily uniform! I think the hat (or do you call it cap?) makes it a really cute and cozy outfit.

As for a little update from my side, I’ve been pretty busy working, as always. I recently started to swim in the evenings or after work but I don’t know..  Like I told you I hate sports and I have the perseverance of a toast! Or a plant or whatever doesn’t have a perseverance! Going home and watching tv or reading a book or even cooking sometimes (which I’m still learning) is just too damn comfy! There are people who actually like sports, who feel invigorated after it but I never experienced it, I always feel tired after sports. Maybe I’m doing it wrong..

I was also busy watching “Stranger things” since I’ve watched all of “13 reasons why”.
I need a new series I can watch with my boyfriend which is not to girly like “Reign” or “Riverdale”.. Any suggestions? I was thinking about “Suits” or “House of cards” mhmm.. we’ll see!

Also I just wanted to say again that I’m really sorry for not posting that much but that doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do. And I usually also put a lot of efforts in the pictures but I just feel like there are people who have more possibilities than others. In terms of time or budget etc. Because I always have a bad conscience if I don’t post as much as I should and I have to tell myself that quality is more important than quantity. Also I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.. So hopefully you’ll still enjoy the content.

With that said I wish you a lovely day/evening or whatever and talk to you soon <3

Ps: Also yes I like standing in the middle of the street an almost getting hit by a car haha not 😀

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Pictures by funny and smart Sina Lou Ravasio

I was wearing:

-Top: H&M
-Jeans: H&M
-Leather Jacket: Asos
-Shoes: Adidas Superstar
-Bag: Louis Vuitton
-Hat/cap: Was a gift

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