1 Piece, 3 Variations

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Hello lovely Readers

Wow more than a month since my last blogpost, I’m doing everything right obviously! (NOT -.-) Well what can I say, work is very stressful at the moment, there is so much going on in the office! But anyway.. I might not post as much as other bloggers but I’m very focused on the right topic and the right quality. So again this time, as always, I hope you enjoy these pictures. I thought I could show you some ideas as to how you can style 1 eye-catcher piece in different ways. Different shoes or a hat can make a huge impact on your outfit and therefore you don’t need as much clothes as you might think. As I said the quality makes the difference and not the quantity. I love how these pictures turned out and I once again have to give credit to my amazing friend Sina Lou. You see me on the pictures but most of the magic happens behind the scenes. What you might don’t know is that she edits the pictures and I can’t tell you how glad I am about that! Not only because I would probably suck at it haha but also because of my tight schedule. I’m not a fan of photoshop and editing your pictures so much you don’t even recognize a familiar face. It’s more about the right light and clarity.

As an update from my side as I said I’m working really hard at the office. Two weeks ago or so I was in Porto with two of my best friends. You might already know that from my instagram and instastory (if not, follow meee! :D) Porto was amazing, especially the scenery down at the Douro river looks like it was straight out of a postcard. Then of course the cute little alleys and the cool nightlife district. Definitely worth a trip! Then I’m going to Ibiza this Thursday yayy!! Can’t even tell you how I’m looking forward to that! I’ve never been but I heard it’s amazing! Guys if you have any tips or must sees for me, feel free to comment below! My cousin is getting married so it’s her bachelorette weekend! The wedding is going to be in Italy this summer! That means two more weeks of vacation in Italy after the wedding! Can you believe it? Like can you? Ahh I’m getting butterflies in my stomach when I think about all the cool things yet to come this summer! (Also notice how my life sounds very cool, although we’ve been spending our evenings binge watching the Good Wife lately haha) So with that said I leave you with the three variations of my new favorite jumpsuit from GAP, let me know which one is your favorite 🙂

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Pictures by the sweet, kind and very talented (can’t say it enough) Sina Lou Ravasio

I was wearing:

First outfit: 

-Jumpsuit: GAP
-Hat: Only
-Shoes: From a shop in Greece
-Bag: Louis Vuitton

Second outfit: 

-Jumpsuit: GAP
-Blazer: Zara
-Shoes: New Look
-Clutch: Peek & Cloppenburg

Third outfit: 

-Jumpsuit: GAP
-Bag: Chanel
-Shoes: Bershka

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