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Hello lovely readers

Since summer is in full swing I thought I could do a blogpost about my favorite beauty picks this summer. Obviously it changes every year as new amazing products come onto the market and we get to know them through the internet, tv, magazines etc. I get to know them mostly through magazines though. I’m really old school that way. You already know that I love to read books and also with magazines, I love to browse through the pages and get inspired. Either at home or on the train/plane but preferably while laying on the beach.

So I hope you enjoy my picks and as always, wish you a lovely weekend <3

Fig Fiction Body Lotion by &other stories

Okay I have to admit I’m already using this lotion for a few years now (with interruption of course) but it’s just one of my all time faves, one of my evergreens. The texture is so smooth and soft and the smell is delicious. It’s wild fig and bamboo – but only very subtile. On the picture there’s also the matching hand cream. Unfortunately we don’t have an &other stories in Switzerland so I mostly shop in the one in Milan. Such a cool brand!



Nuxe sun delicious fragrant water

My new go to perfume I discovered this summer. It’s fragrant water of course but I use it instead of a perfume because I adore the scent and because I don’t like the heaviness of perfumes in summer. And let’s not forget the alcohol in the perfume can discolorate the skin. What is great about this fragrant water is that it contains only a small amount of alcohol, therefore I wear it even on the beach while sunbathing! For me, this is the scent of summer. Don’t ask me why but I think every person has a particular scent that reminds him/her of a particular situation. It smells like oranges, petitgrain, coconut and vanilla – heaven!



Dior one essential Serum

Dior stands for luxury and prestige and this serum is no exception. It’s meant to detoxify, regenerate and restore luminescence. After a day at the beach I apply it in the evening before I do my makeup and after I cleansed my face. It leaves my face clean, fresh and invigorated. Once you try this serum you’ll never want to go without it again.



Louis Widmer Extra sun protection lip balm

The protection of our lips is very important. Did you know we can get a sunburn on the lips? That’s why I use the Louis Widmer sun protector lipstick. It’s lipstick at the bottom and on top there is a small sun protection cream for the face and body.



New makeup faves: Broze powder by Makeup factory & Baked Eyeshadow Palette “Bright Quartet” Nr. 1 by Kiko

My latest makeup acquisition is the eyeshadow palette by Kiko. I mostly use brown shades on my eyes since I have brown eyes. As a first step I always apply a light color though, just to give it a little profundity and extra glam. So this palette seemed like the perfect combination of shades. And since I was showing you the palette I thought I had to mention my favorite makeup product for summer. It’s the bronzing powder by Makeup Factory. I’ve had the powder for a few years now and it’s amazing how a little bronze can make your face look fresher, healthier and prettier (at least mine haha). I think there’s nothing prettier than a tanned and glowing summer skin.



Side note: the next are not beauty essentials but since it’s a blogpost about summer I thought I could share them with you 🙂

Miranda Kerr books, Treasure yourself & Empower yourself

I always have a book with me on the beach, preferably something positive or happy or a romance. I don’t like drama or crime (otherwise I can just watch the news in my opinion). I’ve adored Miranda Kerr my whole life, she’s not only beautiful but very smart, kind, and a business women. I’ve tried her organic skin care line and it has been amazing – not surprisingly. So as soon as I knew that she had written a book (two by now) I knew I had to have it! The books are full of positive affirmations and thoughts and are the perfect choice for an easy-breezy summer read.

Funny fact: the book that’s called “treasure yourself” in English, is called “How to cope with life” in German. Sometimes I hate translations!



My summer playlist

These are some of the songs that are on my playlist right now:

-Your song, Rita Ora
-Bad Liar, Selena Gomez
-First time, Kygo & Elle Goulding
-Power, Little Mix
-No more sad songs, Little Mix
-ILYSB, Lany
-Karavann, Gimme love
-Issues, Julia Michaels
-Something just like this, The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
-Closer, The Chainsmokers & Halsey
-King, Years & Years
-Barcelona, Ed Sheeran

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