Coping with the heat / summer office outfit part 1


Hello lovely Readers

Almost end of July my my.. so far there’s nothing new in my life, that is why I haven’t posted much in Insta lately. I just feel like I want to share beautiful, inspirational content and not bore you with my breakfast müsli you know. Anyway, soon there is gonna be an epic blogpost and I can’t wait to share it with you because *drum roll* the Rosegold Diary is turning 1!! So stay tuned and read all about the first year of this journey in my next blogpost!

So with that said a few words about the current pictures. To me these pictures are the definition of summer and I just love how they’ve turned out. We wanted to give it that Magazine vibe, you know like the pictures you see in the high fashion magazines.  I think my skin looks sunkissed and glowy which I said in my last blogpost I think looks best on people. We shot them in front of the Frauenbadi in Zurich. That is basically a swimming pool (actually a separated area in the lake of Zurich) that is only open to women. Yes that exists and I can tell you some women do feel very free and unobserved in there.. Although there are tourist boats who come by from time to time so the whole situation is very funny to me haha 😉

The outfit is kept very simple as always. It’s not the classic summer jeans shorts outfit (although I had that too in this blogpost) but the light fabric outfit. Especially if you work in an office where you can’t show too much skin an outfit like this is perfect. That is why I called it coping with the heat and office outfit. It may looks a little too pink on the pictures but the shirt is actually beige and it does look good together. In the morning when it’s a little fresher you can wear a light blazer over it, that’s what I do.

As you know I don’t like laughing and showing my teeth on the pictures and I don’t like my profile. But when you scroll down you’ll find both on the pictures.. what can I say.. I do feel a little rebel today haha! Plus everyone should overcome their fears or whatever you wanna call it from time to time 😉

Hope you enjoy the pics folks and talk to you soon <3

8-DSC08908 2

2-DSC08896 2

22-DSC09028 2

20-DSC09006 2

23-DSC09062 2

1-DSC08895 2

9-DSC08930 2

16-DSC08983 2

17-DSC08985 2

19-DSC09005 2

24-DSC09079 2

12-DSC08958 2

3-DSC08898 2

26-DSC09128 2

18-DSC08992 2

11-DSC08949 2

13-DSC08975 2

5-DSC08900 2

4-DSC08899 2

25-DSC09122 2

21-DSC09016 2

14-DSC08977 2

While we were shooting we had some visitors 😉

27-DSC09129 2

Or I guess you could call it stalkers.. haha

28-DSC09137 2

29-DSC09143 2

Pictures by the best photographer I know Sina Lou Ravasio

I was wearing:

-Top: Zara
-Trousers: Zara
-Shoes: Zalando
-Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
-Sunnies: Rayban
-Jewels: Michael Kors, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski etc.

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