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Hello lovely Readers

Since my holidays are approaching I thought I could give you a little update on where I’m going and share once again with you, some of my favourite instagram pictures. Believe it or not, there are still people who don’t have insta and I can totally understand them. If it wasn’t for my blog I probably wouldn’t have it either. I mean you know I’ve expressed concerns about that platform before. I think it’s so great that we all get to share wonderful content with people all over the world but that it comes with a price. That we forgot how to cherish a moment when we don’t have our phones with us. And that many people are unsatisfied with their life when they see people constantly living their dream, partying on Yachts, Shopping in Paris etc. but enough of this 😉

I couldn’t be more exited for this vacation to come! You already know that I’ve been in America for 3.5 months last year so that is why I’m really looking forward to stay in Europe this time. It’s nice to go far away and explore different cultures etc. but it’s also nice staying close to home. That is why we’re going to Italy! Naples first, to be exact because my cousin is getting married there (I mentioned that briefly in the last blogpost). I am so happy for her, from the bottom of my heart! And I’m also happy for me, I get to attend a wedding with my family, lots of free drinks and food, music and good weather! Haha 😀

The next day after the wedding, a group of 15 to 20 people, me and my boyfriend included, are going to Gallipoli for a week of beach, sun, fun, party etc.! Gallipoli is a cute little port town and one of its beaches is known for party actually, just google “Samsara beach”. We’re all staying in a “Agriturismo” which is a small kind of bed & breakfast or farm hotel or I don’t know what you call it in English. But you get the idea. I’ve never been on vacation with so many people but I bet it will be epic! And in case we get on each others nerves we can always do things separately, we’re there with our car anyway. We’re driving to Italy this time, instead of flying. Flying is nice but firstly, I’m afraid of it (I mean I do fly because it’s inevitable but as soon as there are turbulences I think I’m gonna die soo.. yup) and secondly I can bring all the clothes that I want with the car! I mean, talking about FREEDOM!!

Then after this hopefully great week my boyfriend and I are going to Otranto for another week of beach and sun and spending lots of time with my granddad whom I’ve missed so much! Otranto is another cute little port city in the province of Lecce (Apulia) and holds a special place in my heart as we used to have a holiday apartment there and I used to spend my holidays of 4 weeks in school there every year. So for me it feels like home and is the most beautiful place on earth.

So yeah, pasta, pizza, arancini, cozze, cannoli I’m coming for ya! 😉

Hopefully you had magical holidays too or in case you’re still going I wish you the best time ever there! Enjoy the pictures and talk to you soon <3


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