The last summer outfit


Hello lovely Readers

I don’t really know how to begin this blogpost because I haven’t postet anything in a while. What can I say, life has been completely crazy once more. I have so much to do at work since I came back from my holidays and sadly I’m exhausted when I come home. Haha that sounds worse than it actually is but yeah when I’m in front of a PC the whole day I’m not really feeling it in the evening. Instead I need tv series lots and lots of tv series! 😀 My current obsessions are the good wife and Outlander. I mean have you seen Sam Heughan? No words to describe him haha 😉

A little update from my side; I’ve just been working, not really anything new. Tomorrow I will have a tonsillectomy. Yes you read correctly, they will take my tonsils out! I’m not lying or exaggerating by telling you that I’m absolutely horrified. You hear and read everything about blood purring out and unimaginable pain and I don’t know what! But yeah since I always have swollen tonsils I guess I have to do it! Wish me luck!

As for this outfit Sina and I shot it a few weeks ago. Back when the weather was still sunny and warm (which it hasn’t been for a long time, basically the whole September was really bad). We went for a stroll in the city and had some appetizers in a very pretty cafée. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with a cute floral print. You know I love a good jumpsuit and I basically spent the whole summer in a jumpsuit or playsuit. They’re just so comfy!! The flower print is really subtile which is why I love it so much. This is also the perfect outfit for work as it’s absolutely summer-proofed without reveling too much! And the blazer makes it super chic in my opinion.

So guys, hope you enjoy these new pictures and wish my luck for the surgery!! Talk to you soon <3

black blazer paired with black jumpsuit with floral print

Black bag, blazer and jumpsuit perfect for work

Black shopper with floral jumpsuit and sandals

Zara blazer paired with jumpsuit

Clarissa C. posing for summer outfit

Streetstyle photography outfit summer

Outfit photography by Clarissa C.

Clarissa C. in Zürich Café during Summer

Summer outfit photography with necklace

Zürich fashionblogger summer streetstyle

Closeup of outfit for summer by blogger

Clarissa C. Blogger from Zürich Switzerland

Zara blazer outfit with black shopper and jumpsuit

Zürich streetstyle photography

Picture of Café in Zürich

Flowers in Zürich café

Clarissa C. in Zürich Café

Picture from blogpost by the Rosegold Diary

Photography of Swiss blogger out and about in a café in Zürich

Coffee and appetizer by the Rosegold Diary

Flowers in a café in Zürich

decoration in Swiss coffee shop

Outfit blogpost by swiss blogger Clarissa C.



Pictures by my dear friend Sina Lou Ravasio

I was wearing:

-Jumpsuite: Zalando
-Blazer: Zara
-Shoes: Sam Edelmann
-Bag: H&M
-Jewels: as aways

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