First autumn outfit / green faux suede biker jacket


Hello lovely Readers

The last blogpost was named the last summer outfit so I thought a suitable title for this blogpost would be the first autumn outfit 😉

I wish I could talk about exciting and adventurous things that happened during the last three weeks but nope, nothing. As mentioned in my previous blogpost I got my tonsils removed so I spent my entire time sleeping and watching tv. And trust me the first two weeks have been hell, never thought it would be this painful. But in case any of you are getting the same surgery in the future, keep in mind, you can do it. it’s painful but it’s worth it 🙂

Now about this outfit, the pictures were shot before my surgery of course (see that naive smile? Came from a person who didn’t know what’s about to hit her haha just kidding). The green faux suede biker jacket is new and I bought it at Zara. Don’t you think this color is just perfect? Not only for autumn but just in general and I also adore the shape. This jacket makes me feel badass whenever I wear it! The dress I’m wearing is a simple LBD perfect for every occasion. It has the whole back open though, which I forgot to take a picture of, maybe next time 😉 Then of course the Ivyrevel bag that has been my favorite ever since I got it a few months ago (I already showed it to you in this blogpost) Last but not least my leather boots from Navyboot. They have a little heel but are still one of the comfiest shoes I ever had. Guess quality is everything in the end. Oh and the hat, what can I say? You know by know that I’m a total hat-person haha in my opinion we don’t see enough hats these days am I right? Between you and me, it’s also my secret to hide my hair when it hasn’t seen shampoo for a few days (the struggle is real haha) I always loved this laid back style where you pair a cute little dress with leather boots. It’s sophisticated yet at the same time, very laid back. Hope this gives you an inspiration for the perfect autumn outfit and also how to combine the different eye-catchers like the hat or the jacket. In the end it’s things like that, that make the difference, that show the world your personal taste and maybe a little bit of who you are.

With that said I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think about the outfit. I wish you a lovely weekend, until next time <3

Zürich Blogger wearing the perfect autumn outfit

me posing for an outfit inspiration picture

Swiss blogger with autumn outfit

Swiss blogger wearing black ivyrevel bag in autumn

Swiss blogger wearing autumn outfit

Zürich blogger with green jacket

Black dress and faux suede leather jacket

Sitting with autumn outfit and black boots

Portrait of Clarissa C. Swiss Blogger

Walking with LBD paired with boots and hat

Closeup of black leather bag and little black dress with jacket

Clarissa C. Fashionblogger smiling

Outfit inspiration from Swiss blogger

Outfit inspo with gold star and moon necklace

Clarissa C. makeup Zürich Blogger

Black leather bag and gold jewels details

Streetlook street style with hat and boots

Fun picture of Clarissa C. fashionblogger

Out and about in Zürich Switzerland for outfitpost

Photos were taken by the newest member of my team, the very talented Lorena <3

I was wearing:

-Faux suede biker jacket: Zara
-LBD: Zara
-Shoes: Navyboot
-Hat: H&M
-Jewels: as aways (don’t remember where I got that cute star & moon necklace though)

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