November grey & personal thoughts


Hello lovely Readers

I’m sitting here with a glass of Chardonnay and I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish cooking dinner. While I’m waiting I can’t help but thinking about the past couple weeks. Once again I have been crazy busy at work but that’s okay, this time I’m not complaining. At least it takes my mind of some private issues that are happening in my life at the moment.

On another note I wanted to share with you these pictures Lorena and I took the other weekend. We were out and about in Zürich and I got myself a little early birthday gift, can you guess what it is? I will show it to you in my next blogpost, or Instagram I haven’t decided yet. Obviously this is another autumn outfit, this time a pretty dark approach. But then again Switzerland gets pretty dark during autumn most of the time. If we’re lucky we get like one week of sun and the rest is grey in grey.

Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures and wish you a lovely evening (at least here in Zürich) <3

Me wearing grey suit pants and high heels

Swiss blogger wearing an outfit with sunglasses and red lips

Grey suit pants with high heels and red lips

November grey outfit streetstyle look from Swiss Fashionblogger

outfit inspiration for cold days from Swiss Blogger

Streetstyle look with high heels

Clarissa C. with red lips

Closeup of Zürich fashion and lifestyle blogger

Rebecca Minkoff bag paired with high heels black and studded

Red lips and smile streetstyle Zürich

Picture of outfit details from autumn winter look

Went shopping in Zürch Switzerland for Bally

Clarissa C. with red bally bag in Zürich

Zürich Streetstyle grey suit pants bally switzerland

Clarissa C. afternoon shopping in Zürich for Bally

Photos were taken by the newest member of my team, the very talented Lorena <3

I was wearing:

-Faux leather jacket: Asos
-Pants: Zara
-Shirt: Vero Moda
-High heels: Zara
-Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
-Jewels: as aways

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