Bally Bag and Autumn Blazer love

Hello lovely Readers

In the last Blogpost I already mentioned that I got myself a little gift from Bally for my Birthday in December. Now I finally get to show you what it is! A brand new, beautiful bag! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am. The shape is very practical and comfy to wear. I also really like the color because it’s so modest and chic. Whenever I spend a little more money on a bag it’s very important for me to make sure that I can combine it with many different styles and colors. I chose a Bally bag because growing up, for me Bally always stood for prestige, quality and class. Walking by all those chic stores in Zürich I would always imagine myself being one of those elegant women and wearing something as sophisticated as them (but then again I also thought being an adult I would wear high heels all the time. As if 😉 ) But honestly Bally had one of the best collections I’ve seen so far this fall / winter and as a Swiss this makes me incredibly proud.

Obviously this outfit revolves around the bag but I also wanted to show you how to style a blazer as a jacket during colder months. I combined the blazer with a warm sweater and jeans. I’ve always thought blazer and jeans look amazing together. I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures but it’s actually a checked blazer which is also the trend in fall 2017. I don’t take part in all the trends, only in the ones I like (keyword: shoulder pads) 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the next blogpost <3

Ps: You maybe recognize the turtleneck and the snake print heels from this blogpost. And just the heels also from this blogpost.

The Rosegold Diary wearing an outfit with a checked blazer

Grey Bally bag and checked blazer by Clarissa C.

The Rosegold Diary House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses

Autumn street style look with checked blazer

Checked blazer outfit with sweater

Beige turtleneck and grey bally bag outfit

Blazer and jeans autumn outfit

Outfit for a sunny autumn day by the Rosegold Diary

high heels and bally bag outfit in Zurich Switzerland

Grey high heels, bag and blazer outfit in autumn

Outfit inspiration for checked blazer and grey bag

turtleneck autumn outfit with blazer and high heels


Photos were taken by the amazing Lorena <3

I was wearing:

-Blazer: Vero Moda
-Jeans: Tally Weijl
-Turtleneck: Mango
-High heels: Mango
-Bag: Bally
-Sunglasses: House of Harlow 1960

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  1. really really love your style and especially this beautiful bag!!! thank you for all the inspirations, keep it up!!

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