Bye 2017, hello 2018

Hello lovely Readers

After a well-deserved break from most of social media (except instagram story) I’m back in the game with new found energy. Since winter is not my season I like to do literally nothing during my vacations. I had two weeks of vacation and I watched a lot of Netflix, went for a walk, visited my family and played some Sims 4 (I admit I got a little nostalgic recently and downloaded the game lol) I hope you all had some days off during Christmas and New Year and I hope you spent that time with your loved ones. Because time is the greatest gift we have.

The last year of 2017 was not my year honestly. I had some major private issues that made that year one of the most challenging I ever had. Now I’d like to tell you that it was important for my personal growth and that I’m a stronger person now blah blah. And this is all true honestly, but nevertheless it sucked. I believe that we always have to look at the bright side of things because it’s just to damn easy to get lost in the dark side. But I also think that it’s okay to admit weakness sometimes and to just tell it how it is.

So to start this new year of 2018 I’m going to focus on my health and I think I’d like to travel more than last year. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions because I don’t like to pick one date to suddenly change my life to the better. I change, every day. What I wish for in one day, doesn’t necessarily have to be the thing I wish for the next day. So instead of new year’s resolutions how about daily resolutions? I wish you all the courage to change something in your life to the better when you’re not happy with it. Because change is one of the things that take the most courage. But it’s also the thing that gives you the most reward.

Last but not least I wanted to share with you some pictures from my latest photoshooting. I think it’s pretty sophisticated and I really love it. Ah yes and I don’t smoke by the way, it was just for the pictures 😉

Talk to you soon <3

Photoshoot the Rosegold Diary
Clarissa C. Close up
Clarissa C. Photoshooting
Cigarette shooting the Rosegold Diary
All black portrait Clarissa C.
Clarissa C. in red dress
Picture of Clarissa C.
Shooting with cigarette smoke by Clarissa C.
Photoshooting red dress
The Rosegold Diary photography


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