January pampering

Hello lovely Readers

Christmas and New Year are over and it’s January again! Since I don’t like January that much I have to distract myself  from this cold and dark (in terms of very few hours of sunshine in Switzerland) month. And what better way to do it than to really focus on what your body and soul needs and wants? This has always been my number one tip for when I haven’t felt on top of my game. Writing a list of small things that make me happy (I already talked about this here). So since December was a really stressful month for me and for most people in general I think, January is all about pampering and spoiling myself. If you feel the same way continue reading and maybe get some inspiration for yourself 😉

(The pictures were taken in the The Renaissance ZĂźrich Tower hotel who provided us with an Executive Suite for the shooting in this blogpost and this one. As you can see the room looked marvelous and the view from it is one of the best in Zurich. If you’re ever in town, check it out, it’s a must)

Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment with your personal tips should you have any 🙂


Breakfast in bed

Sounds easy enough but do we really do that on a regular basis? You’d be surprised how amazing it can make you feel. Just remember the last time you were in a hotel and ordered room service, didn’t you feel like Elizabeth Taylor? Haha or just like you’ve been treated in a special and fancy way and who doesn’t want that feeling from time to time? Now who says you can’t have this feeling at home? Just go get some delicious ingredients and make yourself an amazing omelet or avocado toast and go back to bed and enjoy your favorite tv series in a bathrobe. Talking about great start of the day!





Sweet treats

Okay let’s be honest for one sec. I have my phases were I strictly watch what I’m eating. These are also the phases where my mood tents to have its ups and downs like a rollercoaster. In January I’m just not up for the ride, I’m up to feeling happy and relaxed. For me that means also enjoying some sweet treats (like the whole box of macarons mhm..) without feeling guilty. And there are also other treats like reading your favorite book or in these pictures some of my favorite magazines and just taking the time for oneself and enjoying a quiet moment alone. I love getting some fashion or lifestyle inspiration out of a magazine, it’s just different than all the social media were constantly surrounded with.




Take a bath

In the past I used to take baths now and then but never on a regular basis. I would take one after a long walk in the snow to warm up again or when I felt like I was getting sick. But recently I started really planing those baths as an evening appointment. Now this has become such an important ritual for me. Sometimes I would enjoy a glass of champain or wine, other times I would drink tea and watch a movie. I also always use a bath supplement and my current favorite is from Weleda, the Pine reviving bath milk.





I guess our body does tell us what it needs after all. After eating waaaayy to much during the holidays my body constantly craves for something light and healthy these days. When ordering some of my favorite KORA products recently I came across this new dietary supplement powder and had to try it immediately. And I can tell you it tastes delicious! Although I’m really not surprised because KORA is such an amazing brand! I usually get tired after lunch while sitting in the office so I use this as a snack in the afternoon. I drink it with a smoothie or with some rice milk and it really gives me more energy.




Have a wonderful Sunday my loves <3

Photos were taken and edited by my dear friend Lorena <3





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