Winter darkness

Hello lovely Readers

Today I’m sharing a pretty dark winter outfit with you (hence, the name). The outfit is very classy and chic in my opinion so perfect for work or whenever you’re feeling a little extra 😉

I’ve noticed that I really like to dress in dark colors during these cold months. I really like it because I think black is the most polished color but I’m sorry that I don’t get to share a little color with you or at least a little light.

By the way *insert completely random thought here* have you heard Taylor Swift’s song Delicate yet? And have you seen the video? I think it’s a piece of art. I can completely relate to the feeling of being looked at but not being seen. Also the dancing in the video is amazing, I don’t know if I could pull that of, it takes a lot of courage so, respect for that. People were very fast in calling her out though because apparently the video looks like some perfume commercial. I mean.. I’m not a fan of coping anything but I think there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired by someone else’s piece of art. And I do think it’s really sad that nowadays we are so quick to judge people we don’t even know. It’s easy to point the finger at someone behind the safety of a computer, I just wish we would be a little nicer to each other. Anyway 🙂

You may have noticed that I’m sharing slightly more pictures than usual but it’s one of my favorite outfits and shoots so far so you’ll have to excuse me. Also shoutout to Lorena, girl is very talented. I especially adore the editing!

Have a wonderful evening/day wherever you are <3

Dark winter outfit the Rosegold diary

The Rosegold Diary


street style

The Rosegold Diary street style

Photoshoot in Zürich by The Rosegold Diary


Cozy coat winter outfit

Winter outfit street style

Winter outfits for brunette women

Clarissa C. for the Rosegold Diary

Winter street style

The Rosegold Diary


Street style with Bally Bag

Bally bag and high heels

Clarissa C. Model for the Rosegold Diary

Black and grey winter street style in Zurich

Street style with black coat in Zurich

The Rosegold Diary with grey turtleneck style

The Rosegold Diary smiling


Photos were taken by my dear friend Lorena <3

I was wearing:

-Coat: F&F
-Trousers: Zara
-Turtleneck: Mango
-Boots: Roberto Santi
-Bag: Bally

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