1 Piece, 3 Variations

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Hello lovely Readers

Wow more than a month since my last blogpost, I’m doing everything right obviously! (NOT -.-) Well what can I say, work is very stressful at the moment, there is so much going on in the office! But anyway.. I might not post as much as other bloggers but I’m very focused on the right topic and the right quality. So again Continue reading “1 Piece, 3 Variations”

Brief winter-comeback look

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Hello lovely Readers

Long time no see, I know. What to say? Winter came back for aΒ briefΒ moment 2 weeks ago and it actually snowed! Can you believe it? Snow, in May? I really hate the Switzerland climate.. Since the temperatures really dropped I thought I could shoot a pre-spring outfit before jumping in with Continue reading “Brief winter-comeback look”

Flower bomber jacket & my tv-series faves!


Hello lovely Readers

Well.. what’s new? How’s life going? It’s Sunday here and since I have the apartment to myself I thought I could spend it extra lazy and chill with lots of food, books and tv series! Gosh I love those Sundays! haha πŸ˜€ Do you know that feeling when you have so many cool things to do and don’t know where to start? I’m always like Continue reading “Flower bomber jacket & my tv-series faves!”

New year new me?


Hello lovely Readers

I know I haven’t talked to you in a while but what can I say.. life just came in the way.

I am deeply sorry for it because I started this blog when I was so inspired and so full of passion and really wanted something where I can led out my ideas and creativity and just create a positive space for me and maybe some people who are crazy enough to Continue reading “New year new me?”